Experience exquisite Gin & Tonic that is expertly infused with unique plants and spices organically grown in the heart of the Spice Island. Our seasoned mixologist and bar manager will prepare a cocktail with precision and attention to detail. He will take you on a taste sensation with blends and mixes unique to our bar. He often visits the local spice farms in search of the perfect herbs and spices to infuse into our extensive collection of Gin and Tonic. He also possesses this special gift of cutting, crushing, squeezing, and infusing these natural spices and herbs into your favourite drink.

By expertly blending your pick of Gin & Tonic with local zest, he brings forth a natural and original flavour that can only be enjoyed on the first floor of our awe-inspiring sunset facing deck.

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Beach House Sunset Gin & Tonic

This signature Gin & Tonic combines everything that Beach House is all about. The perfect sunset view, local inspired, modern, classic and refreshing. It is the perfect balance between Gin, a homemade cardamom extract, fresh passion juice, tonic and hibiscus. The best time to enjoy it is during sunset.

Bittersweet Victory

The Bar Manager’s favorite!

This drink went around the world. In 2016 Stefan was representing his home country at the World Finals in San Francisco of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition. This drink showcases everything that is happening in a person’s life, the ups and downs and finally victories at the end.

Spiced Zanj Madafu

A drink which represents Zanzibar in its uttermost traditional glory. Based on a local spirit, with fresh pineapple juice and fresh madafu (young coconut) water it builds the perfect cocktail. To spice it up a bit, we have made our very own five spice bitters which contains cloves, cinnamon, pepper, star anis and cardamom.

Smooth Vibes

As Beach House is located on the beach front of Stone Town you are able to listen to the sound of the ocean and enjoy the nice breeze. Smooth vibes is a cocktail which is based on our Beach House Sauvignon Blanc, fresh watermelon juice and filled up with bitter lemon. Now to bring a bit of the ocean into that cocktail we add a little bit of salt water to top it off.

Beach House GnT

Beach House Gin & Tonic is our signature Gin cocktail. It personifies our theme and brings to life the ambience and décor of our sunset facing deck. It is a blend of London dry gin with our homemade 5-spice syrup and well balanced with citrus and hibiscus tea, which floats on top of the drink, representing the beautiful colour combinations of the sun setting over the crystal blue waves.

Zafaran Sour

Zafaran Sour, AKA Saffron, is an ultimate blend of one of the most exquisite spices in the world. This spice influenced the trade in Zanzibar to grow more expensive spices locally. Old Tom style gin, saffron infused grappa with homemade saffron spice syrup, together with the sweet and sourness of locally grown passion fruit are used in this masterpiece.

The yellow golden glow of this cocktail is perfect for those who want to get their glam on.