Experience exquisite Gin & Tonic that is expertly infused with unique plants and spices organically grown in the heart of the Spice Island. Our seasoned mixologist and bar manager will prepare a cocktail with precision and attention to detail. He will take you on a taste sensation with blends and mixes unique to our bar. He often visits the local spice farms in search of the perfect herbs and spices to infuse into our extensive collection of Gin and Tonic. He also possesses this special gift of cutting, crushing, squeezing, and infusing these natural spices and herbs into your favourite drink.

By expertly blending your pick of Gin & Tonic with local zest, he brings forth a natural and original flavour that can only be enjoyed on the first floor of our awe-inspiring sunset facing deck.

Ginger Kiss

This is a favourite for all those that absolutely love ice cream. An Asian inspiration of the spiced Gin features the spice island’s two unique spices: Ginger and Cinnamon. It is a perfect blend of citrus with fresh ginger and homemade cinnamon syrup, topped with a generous scoop of yummy spice ice cream. Let the ice cream melt and sip slowly to combine the different flavours.

The Ginger Kiss is an amazing after dinner cocktail which can also be enjoyed as an indulgent aperitif your favourite drink.

Stone Town Time

This great cocktail pays homage to the locals of Stone Town. It represents the jolly characteristics of the town and its people by using the town’s most used word – “pole-pole”, which means “slow-slow”.

The Sloe Gin and Tequila represents the complex characters, while the fresh plum, hibiscus and vanilla the friendly side. The cocktail’s ruby colour will compliment any sunset and will have you falling in love with Stone Town with every sip.

Shoki the
Island Treasure

Shoki means lychee, a very famous and local favourite fruit in Zanzibar. Some say it is the best fruit on the island, making it close to being valued as a treasure. We use lemongrass infused gin with fresh lychee juice, a dash of bitters so that our Shoki floats on the drink.

This cocktail is a perfect balance of citrus and sweet, it truly represents the beauty of the mystic gem that is the Shoki.

Unguja Sunset

Unguja means island in Swahili. This cocktail replicates a wide beach in a ceramic designed glass showcasing the white beaches of Zanzibar, with an indigo bluish green color representing the sea. The ingredients include fresh pomelo juice with the influence of rosemary and peppermint tea.

This cocktail is so refreshing that you’ll almost forget the gin. The Unguja Sunset is an ode to all spectacular sunsets we’ve had, and a toast to all the sunsets to come.

Beach House GnT

Beach House Gin & Tonic is our signature Gin cocktail. It personifies our theme and brings to life the ambience and décor of our sunset facing deck. It is a blend of London dry gin with our homemade 5-spice syrup and well balanced with citrus and hibiscus tea, which floats on top of the drink, representing the beautiful colour combinations of the sun setting over the crystal blue waves.

Zafaran Sour

Zafaran Sour, AKA Saffron, is an ultimate blend of one of the most exquisite spices in the world. This spice influenced the trade in Zanzibar to grow more expensive spices locally. Old Tom style gin, saffron infused grappa with homemade saffron spice syrup, together with the sweet and sourness of locally grown passion fruit are used in this masterpiece.

The yellow golden glow of this cocktail is perfect for those who want to get their glam on.